Matt Thorpe

Kickboxing Coach

15 Years Karate

5 Years Kick Boxing

3 Years MMA

After being fascinated by martial arts and fighting since being very young, Simon started training in 1996 when he took up Karate. It wasn’t long before he realised that martial arts was more than just learning to fight. Since then Simon spent many years training and competing as well as coaching. He has coached men, women and children from hobbyists through to fighters.

Some of his greatest achievements were in the dojo and on the competition circuit.He entered his first light contact open karate competition in 1999 after this he went on to win several open competitions including the Karate world cup held in Sydney Australia.

6 x UK open kuite champion

2 x UK open kumite silver medallist

UK open kumite nationals 3rd place

Karate world cup 1st place qualifier

Karate world cup Sydney Australia 2001 kumite winner

Karate world cup Sydney Australia team GB silver medallist

National all styles (NAS) lightweight cup winner 2006

National all styles (NAS) open weight nationals winner 2006

National all styles (NAS) champion of champions qualifier overall 3rd place

3rd place WKA (world Kickboxing Association) competition

In 2009 Simon moved his attentions over to Kickboxing and more recently MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and has spent the last few years training and developing his skills in this art earning his Kickboxing Blackbelt off head coach Matt Thorpe. Simon has set some new goals and has began to achieve these in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with 12 Gauge MMA. He has gone 6-0-0 and won the UCC amateur British championship belt, most recently defending it in his home town of Manchester.