Can children join these classes?

Our sessions are developed to be family friendly and everyone is welcome to come down and train. The sessions are designed to be fun yet challenging and disciplined so that everyone gets to enjoy there training as much as possible.

What age can children join?

We have no set age for children to join, we much prefer to consult with the parent first as to whether the child will enjoy partaking within the sessions and then we can trial each individual and work out what is best for there needs.

Can you choose not to grade?

Here at Stockport Kickboxing we do not force anyone to grade that does not wish to, we are happy for to enjoy the benefits of the training with no need to be graded. On the flip side if you are after wroking your way through the grading system we will support you all the way so that you reach whatever your goal may be.

Do I have to spar?

Sparring is not forced upon you as a student at Stockport Kickboxing, if you wish to sit the sparring out we have no issue with this. However sparring is an essential part to learning any truely effective martial art and we would always, if asked, advise our students to partake with the sparring element. Sparring is always supervised by one of our extremely skilled coaches.

Am I insured to train?

Upon joining Stockport Kickboxing you will be asked to purchase your year long license, this will include all the insurance necessary to train within kickboxing.

Will I need my own equipment?

When you start out all equipment necessary will be provided by the club, if you wish to join in with the sparring how ever you will need a mouth peice and groin guard. After one month of training with us you will be asked to purchase the club uniform of t-shirt and pants or shorts. All gloves and pads will still be provided after this time or until you are happy to purchase your own.

What attire should I wear?

For your first session with Stockport Kickboxing we would advise shorts or jogging bottoms with a t-shirt and bare foot. All training equipment will be provided

Are these classes suitable for someone looking to get fit?

Kickboxing is a great fun way of getting fit that is different to the monotony of training at a gym. The sessions are challenging and fun and you will quickly find your fitness and strength increasing session to session.